Companies and regional governments could take lead on carbon costs

Tar sands - before and after?

Shell has a new policy that could lead to investing in lower carbon projects. The company announced last spring that it would be using a carbon cost of $40 per metric ton when evaluating new projects (2012 Sustainability Report).  This means that when Shell assesses the cost of a new project, it will incorporate a […]

Top 5 Themes that Emerged from Greenbuild 2013


Last week 28,000 people poured into the city of Philadelphia to learn about the latest surrounding sustainable buildings. Abundant amounts of information was shared but these are the main things I took away from Greenbuild 2013: 1. The evidence behind human caused climate change has never been clearer In the wake of typhoon Haiyan, it’s […]

Helping NRDC Breathe Easier by Achieving a Global First

Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing, Courtesy of Studio Gang Architects

Do you know that new car smell? And the odors present in new construction from things like carpet and paint? Those odors result from the off-gassing of toxics. Doesn’t it seem backwards that buildings are full of them? Facilities staff at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) know how detrimental off-gassing is to human health […]

Closed Loop Advisors is Now a Certified B Corporation!


The entire team at Closed Loop Advisors was thrilled to become a Certified B Corporation! Becoming a B Corp was one of our objectives when planning the formation of our company, and we’re very excited to have fulfilled that objective. Find our B Impact Report on the B Corporation site. We are proud to join […]

Etsy leveraged data to lead on sustainability

etsy's DUMBO office

Our client Etsy deserves a lot more attention than it’s getting for it sustainability efforts. We want to point out a few things they’re doing that could be instructive for others. The Closed Loop team began working with Etsy last fall to measure, diagnose and explain their ecological impact. Check out their blog post about […]

Energy Efficiency: Basics You Need to Know!

Efficient Tree

Energy efficiency offers plenty of benefits, so how do you unlock them?

First, recognize that any organization can benefit from energy efficiency.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your organization is, or how much energy it consumes.  You can reduce the amount of energy wasted and cut costs, while contributing to lower demand from the grid and reduced emissions along the way.

Swapping out inefficient devices with energy-saving ones seems like a no-brainer.  Some basic due diligence will help you decide what energy conservation measures (ECMs) to adopt.

Data Centers in the Arctic? Not for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

Much ado is being made about the massive data centers being run by the Googles, Facebooks, and Amazons of the world. As these data centers began springing up they were touted as the medicine to cure the economic woes in America’s small towns. Jobs were being created and tax revenues generated. But recently, The New […]

Redefining the Three R’s for Buildings: Reuse, Repurpose, Refurbish

Credit: (Dexter Moren Associates)

Out with the new, in with the old. Rearranging this well-known adage reminds us that newer is not always better. The common perception that buying or building new and in a “green” way will reduce ecological footprint is often backwards. Although it may seem counterintuitive, your company can avoid making substantial new purchases and still […]

Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Sustainability, I Learned From My Great-Grandparents

Great-grandparent with great-grandchild

Well, my great-grandparents didn’t teach me everything I ever needed to know about sustainability, but they did teach some important guiding principles that apply beyond personal life to business as well. These principles could help usher any organization through their sustainability decision-making process. My great-grandparents learned to live by these principles because of the circumstances […]

Set a goal to unleash your company’s Olympic spirit


I’m going through Olympics withdrawal.  Reflecting back on the games, that spirit of fierce yet friendly competition inspired me to think about how companies approach sustainability. To perform well and reap the benefits that come with sustainability (trust building, image enhancement, cost-cutting, risk reduction, stakeholder engagement, etc.) companies need to continually work towards targets just […]