Ways for eCommerce companies to be more sustainable

Here are some examples of how we have helped and can help eCommerce companies reduce costs and risks, protect their brands and attract and retain talent.

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Overcoming the Corporate Green Power Trap

The vast majority of companies in the United States don’t bother to buy renewable energy; most of those that do, whether they know it or not, are achieving minimal real world benefits with their purchase.

That’s why we developed an analytics-based Renewable Procurement Hierarchy to guide renewable energy decision-making. The recommendations in our paper allow companies to scrutinize the impacts of their decisions to ensure green power purchases are

  • Maximizing your impact
  • Enhancing your company’s sustainability story
  • Protecting your brand
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Energy Analysis of the Electrification of Food Carts and Trucks in New York City

Powering food carts and trucks from the grid as opposed to gas or diesel generators is a great idea! That’s why we were excited to work with the Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability (OLTPS) in the City of New York to conduct an energy feasibility study and emissions analysis of plugging in street food vendors. Our report covers the context and technical details of how and when this could work from an energy perspective as well as the benefits such as emissions.

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Green Guides

Below is the first of a series of guides that highlight the basics of creating a more sustainable office. The content within the series covers the broad elements of green site selection, green lease negotiations, green fit-outs, and green purchasing for the office.

There is no defined order for reading these guides, as it depends on what sustainability objectives you would like to achieve in a new site, green lease, or office fit-out. Stay tuned for the rest of the series, coming soon!

For more ideas on how you can help your company make more responsible choices about its offices and operations, please contact us at for a free consultation.

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Green Site Selection

This guide aims to help you evaluate a new location for your office. While some of the information may be familiar, our intention is to encourage you to think through your options and ask the right questions before and during site evaluations.

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Green Lease Negotiation

An efficient, low-waste facility provides substantial benefits for both tenant and landlord, including lower operating costs, improved environmental performance, and enhanced occupant comfort. All too often, these benefits are not realized because the interests of the owner and lessee are not aligned. This guide describes how to negotiate and what to include in a green lease.

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Green Purchasing Guidelines

A company’s purchases have impacts – positive or negative – on the market and our ecological and social systems. Purchasing decisions should include an assessment of the impacts and content of the items you buy as well as a review of the vendor’s business practices. These guidelines cover sustainability issues related to company purchasing and outline considerations and rating methods in a variety of areas.

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