We work with our clients on a variety of projects that cover strategy, measurement and analytics and green buildings. Below are select examples of our work.

Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing, Courtesy of Closed Loop Advisors

MMoser Associates

NRDC Office Fit-outs

Chicago– We were very excited to work with NRDC on it’s Chicago office move and fit-out. Our Senior Consultant, Eileen Quigley, inspired our client to be the first to pursue the Living Building Challenge Petal Certification in an office fit-out. Once again NRDC showed it’s willingness to lead. Our involvement covered every step of the project, beginning with site selection to the certification process, keeping the project as close to on-time and on-budget as possible while keeping it as sustainable as possible. Read more about the project by clicking on the image to the left and/or in the International Living Future Institute’s Trim Tab magazine here


Beijing – We are also proud to have helped NRDC with retrofitting their Beijing office. The office achieved Living Building Challenge Petal Certification, the first LBC project in China. One highlight of the office is the Plyboo bamboo flooring and desk cover in reception, which has cultural significance in China and adds a natural feel to the office. The scene on the pantry glass wall is another highlight and represents some of the work that NRDC does through the program, such as supporting renewable energy and recycling. 

Etsy Emissions Analysis

Etsy asked for our help to understand and influence its scope 3 emissions related to global shipping on its platform. We conducted a big data analysis for 2013 and 2014 shipments. We developed a complex methodology for their major country markets as well as a rest of world methodology to measure distance and emissions for many tens of millions of records. Each year, our findings have led to several ideas, some innovative, on how to reduce emissions. We hope we’ll see Etsy begin implementing them over the next few years.


We guided NRDC through the process of completing their first sustainability report, a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 Level A report. Among major environmental advocacy non-profits this puts them first in the U.S. and as one of the first worldwide to produce a comprehensive sustainability report covering their own operations.

Inward Point Events Sustainability

When producing innovative events for companies and nonprofits, Inward Point helps organizations measure their associated environmental and social impact. We assisted Inward Point in developing their “IP Analytics” to quantify the benefits from improvements in sourcing and reduced energy, water, waste, carbon, food, materials and transport footprints. Inward Point events are now proven to have fewer environmental impacts than typical events, allowing their clients to achieve sustainability and CSR goals as well as enhance their brand image.

Move Systems Hybrid CNG Food Cart

Existing food cart generators cause a lot of pollution. For Move Systems, we conducted an analysis to prepare for the introduction of their new hybrid compressed natural gas (CNG) food cart to NYC. The findings showed that hybrid CNG generators can help to eliminate pollutants that contribute to poor air quality and cause related negative health impacts. Read the report here.