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Top 5 Themes that Emerged from Greenbuild 2013

by Eileen Quigley on November 26, 2013 , 3 comments

GreenbuildLast week 28,000 people poured into the city of Philadelphia to learn about the latest surrounding sustainable buildings. Abundant amounts of information was shared but these are the main things I took away from Greenbuild 2013:

1. The evidence behind human caused climate change has never been clearer
In the wake of typhoon Haiyan, it’s impossible to ignore the obvious that anthropogenic climate change is happening and the effects are real. Hundreds of thousands of deaths per year are climate change related and the U.S. government is spending more money than ever on disaster recovery.

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Why Closed Loop?

by JD Capuano on April 2, 2012 , No comments

Credit: (Goddard Space Flight Center Image by Reto Stöckli. Enhancements by Robert Simmon .

The Earth is a closed loop system. As vast and wondrous as its resources are, the planet’s capacity is finite. Unlike the Federal Reserve, nature cannot create virtually unlimited resources when natural capital is suffering. Humanity’s growing global population that demands and consumes more resources every year has put precarious pressure on the planet.

We must be smart with the life-sustaining ecological assets this closed loop system provides. And let’s face it; nature’s systems leave little if nothing to waste, whereas our human designed systems are excessively wasteful.

Humanity faces some sobering environmental problems: collapsing fisheries, shortages of potable water, increasing industrial pollution, biodiversity loss and species extinction, and the list goes on. But along with these dilemmas also comes hope and opportunity.

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