From rapid sustainability assessments to big projects

Our work begins with each client's big picture objectives and culture.

Measurement + Analytics

The heart of what we do

º KPI / metric development
º Big data analytics
º Carbon footprinting & handprinting
º Emissions reduction (scopes 1, 2, 3)
º Supply chain analysis and transparency
º Lifecycle Assessment (LCA)
º CSR Reporting & certification score improvements: GRI, CDP, B Corp
º Measuring environmental impact: energy, emissions, materials, waste, water
º Measuring social impact: labor & communities

Sustainability Strategy

Applying analytic & contextual findings

º Sustainability target setting
º Translating targets into projects
º Sustainability risk assessment
º Integrating sustainability & engaging employees
º Situation / SWOT analysis
º Renewables, energy purchasing & emissions offsetting
º Responsible business practices: environment, labor, communities
º Environmental policy setting
º Community engagement and partnerships

Buildings + Certifications

Making buildings better

º Living Building Challenge certification
º Toxics reduction or elimination
º Energy and water efficiency
º Project manage office fit-outs
º Real estate & site selection advisory
º Green lease negotiation advisory
º Workspace Planning

Our approach

Because sustainability is a journey, regardless of where your organization is on this path, we can help enhance your reputation, understand and reduce risk, increase efficiency, and improve competitiveness. After understanding your organization’s high level goals, we examine your operations, processes, and culture. Only by understanding where you’ve been, where you’re headed and involving your team, can we help you design implementable sustainability solutions.

We want to tailor a plan that fits the needs of your organization today and the needs you anticipate for it tomorrow.

Generating Results

º Making decisions that make sense given your organization’s goals, brand(s), operations, and competitive position.

º Maximizing your data through advanced analytics unlocks insights that can take your sustainability program to the next level.

º Developing the right metrics is essential to fully understanding and reporting progress towards goals.

º Helping tell your sustainability stories with data and context that are clear, accurate, and responsible to customers, employees, investors, suppliers, and your communities.